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Mobility and Balance Improvement

Chiropractic Care Can Improve Balance and Mobility

A healthy body has no trouble maintaining its balance and remaining mobile. Aging and various injuries can take those abilities away. Our services at Colony Chiropractic in The Villeges, FL, are designed to help our patients maintain balance and mobility. Receive regular treatment at our location to avoid issues related to your balance or mobility later in life.


Addresses Injuries

Injuries like strains, sprains, and herniated discs cause intense pain. Spraining your ankle may render you incapable of putting weight on it. In addition, the herniated disc in your back may also tighten up every time you walk and limit your range of motion. Your mobility problems will persist until you’ve addressed those injuries.

Consult our chiropractor and tell them about the injuries hampering your mobility. We can treat those injuries and restore the mobility you lost.

Corrects Misalignments

Balance issues may stem from you favoring a previously injured leg. After twisting your ankle, you avoid that part of your body until the injury fully recovers. However, the long recovery time caused your injured ankle to become significantly weaker than its counterpart. This chain of events can lead to the development of balance issues.

Our chiropractor can teach exercises to strengthen your weaker ankle. Integrate these exercises into your daily routine and your injured ankle should heal quickly. The balance issues you’ve been dealing with should also disappear over time.

Slows Damage

Mobility and balance issues in older individuals are symptomatic of joint damage. There’s a chance that some of your joints are experiencing excessive wear. These joints are more likely to cause mobility and balance issues for you down the line.

Ask our chiropractor to work on these joints with lower pressure. Allow us to redistribute the pressure reaching your joint to avoid chronic issues.

Strengthens Connective Tissues

Our chiropractor can help maintain balance and mobility by focusing on your connective tissues. We teach exercises to keep your connective tissues in good shape. Our chiropractor can also tell you about the foods to strengthen your joints and tissues.

Chiropractic Care Maintains Your Balance and Mobility

Enjoy your golden years better by addressing balance and mobility issues as they emerge. Colony Chiropractic can help address these issues. Contact us by calling (352) 430-3355 or stop by our location in The Villages, FL, if you want to take better care of your body.


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