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Neck Pain

Dealing with Neck Pain Effectively

The neck represents the top of the spine where it connects to the cranium, but it also has the added roles of carrying the full weight of the head as well as providing maximum motion and flexibility for the cranium in terms of turning and movement. This combination is a hefty task that gets carried out every day. When we are healthy, we don’t notice any issues. However, as the neck is exposed to extensive work, wear and tear, disc degeneration, or injury, the body strain on the neck system becomes apparent with muscle inflammation, stiffness, reduced mobility or flexibility, and pain. At Colony Chiropractic in The Villages, we treat a variety of conditions, including neck pain.


The Neck Provides an Essential Role for the Body

In technical terms, the neck makes up the cervical portion of the spine. It is not the largest, but the area incorporates critical channels and pathways. Not only does the neck support the head, but it also carries the spine and nervous system to the brain. Additionally, the neck area protects the breathing passageway, critical arteries for blood flow to and from the brain, and our eating channel to the stomach. In short, the neck is essential to our ability to live.

The cervical spine, like the rest of the back, is made up of individual vertebrae and cushions referred to as discs. These are much smaller than the rest of the back and far more flexible in twisting ability as well. The entire neck is surrounded by muscle tissue that allows it to move in multiple directions at the same time for both vertical, horizontal, and combined movement. That also leaves room for a lot of parts that can be injured or damaged as well.

Going Beyond Just Temporary Relief with Painkillers

A chiropractic approach to neck care and dealing with symptoms such as pain and stiffness starts with a patient evaluation and medical history. Understanding whether the chiropractor is dealing with an injury, a degenerative issue, or wear and tear from age makes a big difference in treatment. Once the cause of the problem is determined, then the chiropractor can apply a number of procedures for effective treatment. These can range from targeted treatment, such as adjustment, to general relief, such as spinal depressurization.

Get Relief for Neck Pain in The Villages, FL

For those suffering from chronic neck pain that won't go away with rest and simple treatment from a compress, then it's time to call Colony Chiropractic. More than likely, recurring neck pain is a symptom of a bigger issue beyond momentary body strain. Repeat muscle inflammation can cover up bigger issues such as an injury or even disc degeneration from wear and tear. Our team can conclusively diagnose what's going on and how to provide the right treatment. Call us today at (352) 430-3355 to schedule an appointment at our office in The Villages. Don't struggle alone or with over-the-counter medicines that won't work.


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