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Back and joint pain are conditions that can result in severe pain and limit your ability to move. If your pain is severe enough, it can limit your ability to work. If you live near The Villages, FL, and are looking for a chiropractor near you, we invite you to visit us at Colony Chiropractic. Our team will provide friendly, professional care and work with you to regain optimal wellness.


Sciatic Pain and Its Origin

Chiropractors know the body's structures and how its parts work together to create our overall state of health. One condition that involves both your back and leg is sciatica. This pain comes from one of your nerves: the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in your body. The sciatic nerve also branches once it leaves your lower back – one going down each leg.

Sciatica can occur due to irregularities in the spine bones or due to arthritis. It can cause pain, numbness, or tingling in your legs as well as muscle weakness. For some people, it can even lead to urinary incontinence.

Sciatica Treatment Options

Treatment for sciatica varies according to its cause. If the condition is caused by spinal problems, such as a bulging spinal disc, a chiropractor on our team will likely use spinal decompression. This treatment aims to help create more space in between the vertebrae of the spine to help the disc move back into its proper place.

A spinal manipulation by a chiropractor might also help relieve sciatic pain. Manipulation involves the chiropractor's hands pressing strategically on the back, hip, or leg muscles to help improve muscle positioning or stimulate blood flow. After a visit to a chiropractor, you will be given exercises to do at home to continue your treatment. Although you may need several visits to a chiropractor, you might notice an improvement each time.

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If you're experiencing back, neck, or joint pain, we want to help you find joint pain relief. If you are near The Villages, FL, and looking for a chiropractor near you at a chiropractic clinic near you, we at Colony Chiropractic are here to help. Call us at (352) 430-3355 for joint pain relief treatment and wellness care from our team.


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